Moringa is one of the wonder plants of the world that grows in the tropics especially, Africa, Caribbean, Central America, Asia and parts of the Pacific. It is one of few plants that fulfills most of our daily dietary needs: carbohydrates, potassium, iron, trace minerals, fats and oils, and so on. Since it has a high anti-oxidant level, it helps in keeping the immune system strong, acts as a detox, provides mental clarity, etc.
The whole moringa plant has useful applications, however the leaf is the most nutritious. Add at least half-a-spoon to your meals, shakes, smoothies, soups, salads, sandwiches and drinks everyday or as desired. You can also take it as a tea by adding 1/2 a spoon to a cup of boiled water, or with plain drinking water(especially kengen water). Increase the proportion according to the amount of liquid. Remember, it is food so there are no side effects.
Yes/No. It depends on the condition of your body. It will however help you burn fat and give you that lean muscle look. A lot of people notice a balance in their overall body weight distribution, without any side effects. A lot of athletes like boxer Manny Paquiao and Floyd Mayweather use it to keep their muscle tone and strength.
It usually depends on the person and how consistently you are taking it. But most people notice a change in their overall well being after a week or two. The first thing they notice is a boost in their energy level.
No. Remember, this is a 100% Organic product. There are no additives or preservatives added.
Yes, it is good both for prenatal and post natal women. It helps replenish all the nutrients that are usually needed during this period. Because of the amount of protein it contains, it helps in the production of breast milk.
Yes. Adding a quarter (1/4) to half (1/2) a spoon to infants and childrens' food will help supplement their diet with the protein, vitamins and essential minerals needed for growth.
Yes, a lot of diabetics have noticed a significant drop in their sugar levels after taking it. The quickest results are noticed when it is taken in liquid form: example hot tea, smoothies or mixing it with water.